Summer Camp


St Alban’s offers summer camp sessions each summer. Summer camp registration will begin in February. Camp hours are 7:00-6:00 Monday-Friday.

Camp Hours

Pre-care- 7:00-9:00
Camp- 9:00-1:00
Extended day- 1:00- 6.00

You may schedule to bring your camper earlier or leave them later if we have space
available. This must be pre-arranged. There is a $6.00 charge for each extra hour.

Camp begins Wednesday, May 31st and ends Thursday, July 27th.

Session 1- May 31st – June 9th

Session 2- June 12th – June 23rd

Session 3- June 26th- July 7th ( closed July 4th)

Session 4- July 10th – July 21st

Session 5- July 24th- July 27th


Summer Camp will be closed Tuesday, July 4th for Independence Day.

Office Hours

Summer office hours- 9a.m. – 3p.m. Monday through Friday.

Sheets

Located in each camp room, please sign in and out each day with your full signature written

Pick-up Authorization

There must be written or phone authorization before a child is released to anyone other than
the child’s guardian. Space is provided on our Emergency Contact Form for you to list the
names of other adults who may pick up your child, and document their signature. Please be
aware that we will check ID’s if someone is unknown to us.

Emergency Information

PLEASE make sure you have your State of Arizona blue emergency card on file in the office
as well as the other emergency forms required. A complete blue emergency card is
MANDATORY for all children enrolled. This card must have the names of at least 2 people
with 2 different addresses we can call if your child becomes ill as well as the name and
address of your child’s pediatrician and preferred hospital. If your child has not attended St.
Alban’s before, please make sure we have a copy of their immunization record on file.

General Medical Info

Please notify your child’s counselor of any allergies or special medical concerns. These
should also be detailed on emergency forms. Also, see Colleen if we need to dispense
medication at school.

Please do not send your child to camp if you believe they are sick, or if they have had a
fever, vomiting, diarrhea, or an unusual rash in the last 24 hours. If we send your child
home due to illness, they may not return to camp until 24 hours have passed without the
symptoms listed above.


Arizona state law permits us to dispense all medication, both prescription and
over-the-counter, only from the original container, with a doctor’s note as authorization. We are
unable to dispense ANY medication without a doctor’s
note. This includes hand lotion
and Chap Stick. Parents also need to complete a medication form to have medication
dispensed at school. The only exception to this is sunscreen, which we may apply with
parental permission.


If a camper has food allergies severe enough to require epinephrine, families must provide
their own non-perishable snacks and drinks for their camper. These snacks will be stored in
a non-refrigerated separate container to prevent contamination. Parents whose children
bring personal snack to camp will not be required to sign up to bring snack for the group.

If a child requires epinephrine to be kept at school in case of a severe allergic response, the
school and family will create an Extreme Allergy Management and Emergency Plan for the
child. Also, a medication authorization form must be filled out by parents. In addition,
parents must submit a note from their child’s allergist detailing the doctor’s medical orders in
the event of an allergic reaction at school.
This note must include the instruction that any adult trained in use of an epi-pen should respond
to the child’s allergic reaction.


We ask that you apply sunscreen to your child before they come to camp each morning. We
re-apply sunscreen as per request, and for all children who stay at camp past 1:00pm. We
require written permission (included on Summer Camp registration form) to apply sunscreen.
We also need a bottle of sunscreen provided by you, with your child’s full name written on it
in permanent ink.


Campers bring lunch from home to enjoy at camp. We have refrigerators to hold everyone’s
lunch boxes. We do recommend that a frozen juice box and/or ice pack always be included
in your camper’s lunchbox to ensure that food stays cold.

Friday Pizza Lunch

There will be pizza lunch during summer camp this year. It will begin on Friday, June 2nd.

You will receive more information when camp starts. It will cost $4.00 per Friday.


The camp snack calendar is posted on each cabin’s bulletin board. We ask parents to
volunteer to bring snack once during each session. State law requires that only pre-
packaged food be served to children at camp.


Every day will be a water Day, please send your children dressed in their swimsuit and with
sunscreen already applied. They need to bring a change of clothes to include underwear and dry
shoes, a towel and a bag to keep their items together. Please label all clothing, towels.
and bags sent to camp as children often don’t recognize new clothing
. Each child
will have their own cubby to put their belongings and art work in. Please check these each


Tuition statements will be placed in your child’s folder in the sign-in books or mailed to you.
Tuition is due no later than the first day of each session. There is a $25 charge
for late payments. You may mail your payments to us or use the drop box located outside of the refrigerator room.
Extra hours will be billed the last week of each session and will be due immediately.
The cost of extra hours is $6.00/hour or portion of an hour.
Thank you for your prompt payments.

We are not able to pro-rate Summer Camp sessions. We require two weeks written notice if
a child will not be attending a Summer Camp session for which they are registered. If such
notice is not given, families will be responsible for full tuition for that session.

We are unable to provide make-up days. If your child misses a day of camp, we cannot
schedule another day to “make up” for the missed day.

What To Bring To St. Alban’s Summer Camp:

Thank you for choosing St. Alban’s for camp. We look forward to having a great summer with your family.